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Vegan Vibe Spring is here
Vegan Vibe Spring is here
€21.90 €21.00

5% Discount and Shipping included for Portugal

Spring is here 🙂
This box is for you if:
  • You are looking for vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free snacks;
  • You like to have healthier snacks always available to eat when hunger strikes;
  • You never know what to pack for lunch and you always end up eating unhealthy snacks full of sugar and fat

Then this box is for you!

What you will find:
  • Its content is SURPRISE so that you live the experience to the fullest;
  • At least 7 healthy, tasty and vegan snacks. All super practical;
  • OFFER of a box for you to store your snacks (one of the 3 in the photo – sent at random);
  • Offer of a pack of Rude Health 400g muesli;
  • Additional surprises 🤫
* limited to existing stock.

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